Monday, November 05, 2007

Feelin' groovy. If all else fails, try sedation. I'm back on a drug I had weened myself off of a year ago because of its side effects. But, considering my current state of depression versus a few side effects, the drugs won. Seroquel is an interesting specimen of a drug. It ensures that you experience no lows by also taking away the highs. It makes you feel so drowsy and sedate that nothing really matters.

With respect to SGA, and by comparrison, I've reached this same level of no highs and no lows. However, with SGA, it's not drug induced. Somehow, I've reached a point where I have few sexual desires, and when I do, they can be either gay or straight (bisexual?). Sometimes niether side wins out and I feel asexual. I'm guessing that this is due to the depression. A decreased libedo is one of the symptoms. This, in and of itself, has been a good thing since it has made it much easier to resist temptation. However, it also leaves me feeling quite bland - like I have no sexual identity. It's a very puzzling situation. Can anyone relate?


Abelard Enigma said...

Can anyone relate?

Absolutely! When I first started taking antidepressants, I felt flat. I experienced neither joy nor misery. I just existed.

GeckoMan said...

Maybe a nice flat ride on the train around the amusement park is a better ride the ups and downs of the roller coaster, especially if the restraint system is a little worn out.

Forester, I hope you know you are in our thoughts and prayers. Love is something we cannot go without, and I'm sure you have a wonderful family who care so very much for you. I hope you can lavish your love on them and rekindle your smiling soul.

One of So Many said...

You should watch the movie Equilibrium. It demonstrates what a flat affect society might be like.

Do you feel you have any regrets about taking the antidepressants?

Dave said...

I of course don't know you or your whole medical history but is an antipsychotic medication really necessary?

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