Thursday, January 01, 2009

My wife had a dream the other night where I had begun to drink. She said that I had four beers, and although not drunk, she felt I was not fit to be around her and the children. She took the children and left. She left me over four beers! I know that this was only a dream, but I can't help but think that if she would leave me over four beers, there is no way she could handle me telling her that I'm attracted to men. She's actually had quite a few dreams lately where she becomes very angry with me for some odd thing or another I do, most of them trivial. I would never drink a beer, if anything, I would try a glass of wine, or maybe a Martini, but not a beer. Would she really leave me if I had a beer? She didn't say if, in her dream, she left me for good or for a few hours, but from the way she described her dream to me, it sounded like she wanted to leave for good. Should I shrug this off since it was a dream, or does it really mean something? Normally, I don't take dreams seriously, but I can't stop thinking about this one.
Since July 15, 2007